Minsk Arena


The Minsk-Arena is the most prestigious sports and cultural complex in the country that includes three main objects:

• the main arena for more than 15,000 spectators;

• a speed skating stadium for up to 3,000 spectators;

• a velodrome for 2,000 spectators.

The ultra-modern complex equipment of the Arena meets the highest professional standards and allows hosting any sports, cultural and entertainment events.


Minsk-Arena and its facilities:

  • speed skating rink 400m;
  • hockey rinks with a short track padding;
  • indoor cycling and roller track 250m;
  • outdoor roller track 300m;
  • outdoor cycling roads with a high quality and speed pavement;
  • high altitude low oxygen facilities;
  • indoor track and field athletic facilities;
  • training gyms;
  • swimming pools 25m and 50m;
  • curling fields;
  • dry ice area;
  • badminton fields;
  • basketball, football, volleyball fields and other sports facilities.

The main arena has already hosted the following sports competitions:

  • the 2011 Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships®
  • the 2012 World Junior Figure Skating Championships®;
  • the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship®;
  • the 2015 AMF Futsal World Cup®;
  • the 2015 Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships® etc.


Moreover, a lot of cultural events such as the Rammstein, Scorpions, Limp Bizkit, Depeche Mode, 30 Seconds To Mars concerts etc. All the sports and cultural events have been held at the top level. 

The forthcoming competitions will be held on March, 17-18 at the speed skating stadium.




The speed skating stadium in Minsk is the first indoor skating area in Belarus with a 400-meter track. Its capacity is about 3000 people.

The internal radius of its turn is 26 m, the width of double track is more than 9 m. The inner perimeter of the track is provided with ice bar 7 m at width for training. Outer perimeter has a 3-meter rumble strip. There are also two tracks for curling and two hockey pitches (60 х 30m – European standard, 60 х 28m – Canadian standard) on the ice field.

The total area of ice at the stadium is about 10 thousand square meters. A half of it is occupied with a high-speed skating track.

The skating stadium is also equipped with unique facilities – rooms of mountain air where sportsmen can train under conditions of low atmospheric pressure and oxygen deficiency thus imitating the conditions of areas high above sea levels. French equipment delivers air from 0 to 5000 meters above sea level and it makes the air composition similar to the mountain air. So, athletes have the opportunity to train in highland conditions.

There rooms have no analogues in the Republic of Belarus and they are unique and valuable due to their therapeutic properties. It has been scientifically proven that regeneration of human tissues and improvement in immune system are observed in such conditions.


The major international competitions held on the speed skating stadium ice are:

the International Short Track Competition – Evo Cup® (October 2012);

the Junior Grand Prix Figure Skating Championships® (September 2013);

the Junior World Cup Speed Skating Championships® (November 2012, December 2014, November 2016);

the European Speed Skating Championships® (January 2016);

the World Cup Short Track Championships® (February 2017) etc.

The unique equipment set at the stadium allows controlling the ice temperature in different areas. It gives the possibility for the representatives of different sports to train at the same time.


All sports require a certain ice temperature:

skating requires

skating requires minus 3 degrees and below


minus 4-5 degrees


minus 7-8 degrees

speed skating

minus 12 degrees




The velodrome has a 250-meter cycle track 7.5 meters at width. The central core of the cycle track is used for competitions and training process for 20 sports.

There are also 2 gyms, a dance room, bike rental, a roller skating school, a medical center, VIP-service in the facility.

The velodrome has considerable experience in international competitions.



The following competitions have been already held there:

the 2009 UEC European Track Cycling Championships®;

the 2013 UCI Track Cycling World Championships® which is the second most prestigious cyclists’ competition after the Olympic Games;

the 2017-18 Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup®.