The list as well as the names of the participants has been announced 


The list as well as the names of the participants in the ISU European Figure Skating Championships-2019 has been announced


The main star in men's figure skating will be the legendary Spaniard Javier Fernandez - the world champion in 2015 and 2016, the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games-2018 and the current European champion. There is a unique achievement on his account - he won the European Championship six times in a row and can win the seventh gold in Minsk. The Russians Mikhail Kolyada (the 2018 World bronze medalist, 2017 European bronze medalist) and Maxim Kovtun (the silver medalist in European Championship 2018) are his competitors.

In the women's single skating, the 2018 Olympic champion, Alina Zagitova will attract all the attention, who by the end of the year won the silver medal at the 2018-2019 Grand Prix finals in Canada. Moreover, Russia will be represented by Stanislav Konstantinov and Sofia Samodurova, who outflanked Zagitova in the Russian championship by the end of December.

The French couple, Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres, will perform their program in the pairs competition. They have recently won the gold final of the 2018-2019 Grand Prix. 

Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, the Russian couple, are among the contenders for the top place. They are the silver medalists of the World Championship 2018 and the bronze medalists of the Grand Prix 2018-2019 finals.

One of the highlights of the championship will be the ice dancе performance of the famous French couple, Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Sizeron, who are the world champions 2015, 2016, 2018 as well as Olympic silver medalists in 2018 The Russians, Viktoria Sinitsina and Alexander Katsalapov, (silver in the Grand Prix finals 2018/2019) and the Italian duo, Charlene Guillain and Marco Fabbri, (bronze in the Grand Prix 2018/2019) compete along with the French couple.

Belarus at the European Championship will be represented by Yakov Zenko (men's single skating), as well as Anna Kublikova and Yury Gulitsky (ice dancing). The latter is coached by a Russian trainer, Alexander Zhulin. You will see the official list of the participants on the Belarusian Skating Union website along with the official website of the championship.

The opening ceremony of the championship is held on January 23 Competitions start on Wednesday, January 23 and finish on Saturday, January 26 On January 21-22 viewers will be able to attend official training. The championship will be closed on January 27 with a gala concert featuring the winners of the competition.

Tickets for the European Figure Skating Championship, held in Minsk, are the cheapest in the last ten years. A subscription to all championship events costs from 3,100 to 7,800 Russian rubles, whereas subscriptions for preferable days (including training) cost from 150 to 1600 Russian rubles. You can buy it on,,