The last championships of Javier Fernandez


The last championships of Javier Fernandez


Olympic bronze medalist, two-time World Champion and seven-time European Champion Javier Fernandez was practically the most popular skater at the European Championships in Minsk. After the Olympics he decided that 13th European Championships will be the last in his career. Javi won his first golden medal precisely at the continental tournament in 2013. Despite skater quitting so

triumphantly, all the figure skating fans are sad today. Fernandez told us about his feelings and plans for the future. 


Javier Fernandez


Javier about finishing his career:

It’s not a relief for me. I think it’s a bit sad of course because it has been 21 years training for competitions, but it was the time to retire. I will skate for other things but not for competitions. But at the same time I was happy I’ve done a great career and I was able to accomplish much more than I thought I could accomplish.



About his contribution into the figure skating:

I think it’s good for the world to know that not only skaters from strong countries can appear. I’m from Spain, I’ve got a friend here at my side from Italy and another from Russia, everyone has his own story to tell and it’s good that everyone does not come from a strong figure skating country because that means more stories to tell to everyone. I hope I can develop skating more in my home country to try and make it bigger, but I hope with the work I was able to do I’ve made history and in 20 years some people will still recollect my name. Maybe not, we’ll have to see, but I’m proud of what I’ve done and still have a lot of work to do to make it even better in my home for figure skating.



About technical breakthrough in ladies figure skating:

It is too early to say something now about the future of ladies figure skating. Many young skaters learn difficult triple jumps and quads too early. That can lead to the situation when skaters will finish their career very quickly, performing just 3-4 seasons. For me this is the 13th European Championships. I think it is great to follow your favourite skaters and observe their progress through the years.

About his best memory:

It’s so hard to say. When you achieve so many things - I won Worlds twice, Europeans seven times and a bronze medal at Olympics - it’s hard to choose. This one is special also because it’s the last one, but is it more special than Olympics? I don’t know.

About possible comeback:

No. I am not coming back. Maybe like a pro competition or Japan Open, maybe I’ll think about it, but no, I’ve achieved everything, I’ve set goals and I’ve done them. I set the goal for this to be my last competition and I did it. I’ll be skating, doing shows, teaching, doing a lot of other things, but not competing.