Sofia Samodurova is the new European champion


Sofia Samodurova is the new European champion


At the European figure skating championships in Minsk medals were played by ladies. Sofia Samodurova from Alexei Mishin’s team surprisingly won the gold with a huge handicap (213.84). Olympic champion Alina Zagitova couldn’t defense the title and landed on the second place (198.34). The bronze medal was taken by Viveca Lindfors from Finland (194.40). Another Russian skater Stanislava Konstantinova stopped just in a step before the podium (189.72). Alexia Paganini of Switzerland which was in top 3 after short program all in all took the 6th position (179.90).


Sofia Samodurova


«I am pleased with the result. It is difficult to find the words. I just want to say thank you very much for your support, - the European champion of 2019 shared her impression and added: - When I went out on the ice, I tuned in only for good skating. To be honest, it is so hard understand that I am the European champion. Now I plan to have some rest, go to school. ”

“I want to thank all my fans thanks for the support. You help me a lot. I want to apologize for my not very good skating. I took the silver and this is already good. The medal could not be. Therefore, I am pleased with this result. For me now the main goal is to roll both programs clean. Today has shown that I am my main rival», - Alina Zagitova told the press.

“This is a personal victory for me, a great achievement for the country. Finland has not had medals for seven years. This makes my place here even more meaningful. For me, this is just the beginning. I will work to the maximum and improve. Take an example from famous world skater», - the bronze medalist shared with the press.    


Alina Zagitova


Viveca Lindfors