Say goodbye


Say goodbye


The European Championship ended with a gala concert, which was attended by the winners and prize-winners of the championship, the best European figure skaters. Belarus presented four spot as a country, which organizes the event. The athletes demonstrated their skill in skating to the stormy applause of the spectators. The competitive spirit went into the background. The audience enjoyed a bright show filled with colorful numbers. Belarusian artists, glowing drummer shows, falling balls. Participants and organizers of the championship give a positive emotion for all people. Only 12 thousand spectators attended the official closing ceremony of the championship.

The head of state also joined the gala concert. The leader of the country appeared on skates before the public and thanked every athlete for his incredible contribution to the development of figure skating in Europe:

«Going to the ice of the «Minsk-Arena», I first of all thought of courage. Going out and taking the first steps like this, unprotected, I discovered some fear and thought: how do they jump? Not hockey players are the most courageous people, but figure skaters! Dear friends, dear athletes, you present not only to the Belarusian people, not only these wonderful spectators - most of whom, I am sure, were at each performance - you gave a wonderful performance for all Europe. We forgot about everything, we forgot about the fact that Australia is hosting the “Grand Slam” tennis tournament, forgot about the stage of the Biathlon World Cup. And now, what we will do, when you leave? I think you, especially the Belarusians, understood what I am getting at. We deserved - I appeal to the organizers - we proved that we can accept the world championship. In this regard, I want to thank the International Federation of Speed Skating, the chairman of this federation from the whole Belarusian people, from our guests who arrived in the capital. I want to thank for the fact that they were not afraid and entrusted us to hold this European Championship for the first time in the history of sovereign independent Belarus. I hear the ratings: they are positive. This once again confirms that we are capable of more. And if you decide to come here with a lot, I promise you that you will not regret».

The continental championship in Minsk can rightly be considered historical. The favorite of the public Spaniard Javier Fernandez became the seven-time European champion, and also completed his career in Minsk. This is the first European Championship in history, which took place on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

In total, 18 European countries took part in the forum, 4 sets of medals were played out.