Rhythm Dance


Rhythm Dance


The third competition day of the European Championships 2019 was opened by the ice dancers’ performance. Here we saw 25 pairs from 16 countries of Europe. After the Rhythm Dance the set of small medals was played as following. The current leaders are the French skaters Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron (84.79). Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin of Russia landed on the 2nd position (81.37). The third place was taken by Charlene Guignard and Marco Fabbri from Italy (79.05). Belarusian skaters are currently on 19th position and were qualified for the Free Dance.

Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron (FRA) – 1 place after rhythm dance – 84.79 (world record).

«We remember coming here 7 years ago for Junior Worlds. It was very important competition for us because it was our last year at the junior level. We were trying to get a medal but unfortunately were only at the 5th place. Today here but on the European Championships we managed to win small gold medals, -Guillaume Cizeron about their Tango Rhythm Dance. - Tango is a style we really like. I think it works well in skating with the speed and the glide. It also gives a lot of room to express ourselves with the dance and the mood but also doing it with lot of speed and fluidity. That’s how we like to skate. We always keep working in those two directions that work well together».

Alexandra Stepanova/Ivan Bukin (RUS) – 2 place – 81.37. 



«The assessment of our coaches is incredibly nice and it means a lot to us. We loved the crowd that supported us so much from the beginning to the end. Ice dance is to us when you show your emotions, your theatre, your show and the technical part at the same time. This is what is our sport is about. We’re very happy to have surpassed the 80 points, especially at such a competition as the European Championship», - told Alexandra Stepanova.

«When you go out on to the ice, you’re a bit nervous anyway, but when the crowd starts to cheer, to support, then all your fear goes away and you’re feeling this energy. This is amazing, great. Everything comes with time, with experience when you start to understand how and what to show and do it the best way. The most important thing is not to overdo it, you need to do like in training, that is what you’ve been doing a million times. You don’t have to do more at the competition», - shared Ivan.

Charlene Guignard/Marco Fabbri (ITA) – 3 place – 79.05. 



 (On hearing the first place marks of the Russian couple Stepanova/Bukin before they skated) «We didn’t think about it. It changes every competition. Sometimes the couple before us had a high score, but maybe after we have a higher score. We don’t think about it. We just think about our performance», - told Charlene.

« I think we skated our best performance. Scores don’t always well the truth. Sometimes you feel you skated better but you get less. Sometimes you feel you didn’t skate that well and you get more points. This time we felt we skated our best. The best rhythm dance of the season and the best score so it’s great. We really felt comfortable even if there was a little bit of pressure because we are in the medals. (On their confidence after winning a bronze medal at the Grand Prix Final) It’s helped us a lot because we realized that we can compete with the best couples in in the world. Finally, it was the first major achievement in our career. We finally realized that we can fight for the important medals so let’s work even more and let’s keep feeling hungry»,- shared bronze winner.

Next to come is women Free Skate. Tonight, we are going to learn the names of the new medalists of the European Championships.