Javier's small bronze medal


Javier's small bronze medal


The second day of the European championships started with a men's short program. In total 37 athletes from 29 countries were entered, including a Belarusian figure skater who was placed on the 30th position. Unfortunately, we will not see Yakau in the free program. Russia's Mikhail Kolyada won the small gold medal with a score of 100.49. The athlete managed to show the season's best. Then Alexander Samarin (Russia) with 91.97 points is in second place. The third place was taken by the six-time European champion Javier Fernandez. The Spaniard scored 91.84 points.




Mikhail Kolyada


«It is important now not to let out the emotions, I need to keep them for the free. It was a good performance, not without small mistakes, though. It is definitely easier to skate when you’re healthy. At this point, I am pleased with what I’ve done today. (on what is different compared to earlier in the season) The difference is that I am healthy now. (On the crowd) The support is great and it is great to see a full rink on a week day afternoon. (On not training in the main arena) The ice is basically the same. Just the main arena (ice surface) is maybe a bit bigger», - shared Mikhail Kolyada.


Alexander Samarin


« I’m quite satisfied but I wanted to show more. It seems today is not the right day. I didn’t plan to perform

quad flip but after the holidays I rested and gained enough energy. When training everything went okay. I have a very strange feeling trying and mixing something new (flip). The arena is good though the color is different. The support can be really felt especially before starting to skate I heard someone shout out my name. So, I think, I’ll work on it», - told Alexander Samarin (RUS).


Javier Fernandez


«I think the program was great. The jumps were good even though the judges didn’t think so. I trained for three weeks hard in Toronto. The first week was a little hard. I wanted to do the Europeans as my last competition. It’s time for the next step in my life. 21 years(of skating) 13 European Championships, six titles. In the free, nine points is nothing. I want to show I can do more than 91 points, - told Javier Fernandez and added: - This is my last championship. I will try to win gold medal».

A few minutes are left before the first group performs a free program. Soon the world will know the names of the European champions of 2019!