Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres won the first golden medals


Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres won the first golden medals of European figure skating championships


Tonight at the Minsk-Arena pairs played the first set of medals. French skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres became the winners of the European figure skating championships 2019 (225.66). Former champions Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov from Russia got season’s best, but after 2 programs they are on the 2nd place. Young Russian pair Aleksandra Boikova and Dmitrii Kozlovskii, who skated inspiredly on the music of Petr Ilic Tchaikovsky from the ballet “Nutcracker”, unexpectedly took bronze (205.28). 


Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres


Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres


Vanessa James/Morgan Cipres (FRA) – 1 place – 225.66 (76.55+149.11):


«It is a dream come true. We’ve dreamt of that forever. We’re so please to have skated like this for you (the audience). I am so happy and proud; I can’t even find words to express how much. (On not quitting competitive skating) We are indeed happy that we didn’t stop but kept skating because we finally accomplished our dream after I don’t know how many years», - told gold winner.

«We sacrificed so much and did so many efforts. It was a dream when we were children to be here one day. It’s a moment of joy that I really want to share with the whole team, the federation, my family and my friends. (on being the first French Pair Skating team to have won the European title since 1932) We finally made history and we’re so proud. We’ll keep going to hopefully win more titles», - added Vanessa James.


Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov


Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov


Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov (RUS) – 2 place – 218.82 (73.90+144.92):


«It’s hard to talk now and hard to draw any conclusions from that. We are obviously very disappointed by this defeat, by losing the gold medal. Like yesterday the whole skate was good except one jump element [the combination]. Without that, all the rest was good. We gave it away ourselves today», - told Vladimir Morozov.


Aleksandra Boikova/Dmitri Kozlovskii (RUS) – 3 place – 205.28 (72.58+132.70):


«We always try to support each other. Everyone has their challenges, and you have to survive them together, then forget them and move on», - shared Aleksandra.

«It’s a miracle. Fate has forgiven me today - it gave me a scare and then it has saved me. It is truly a miracle. (On his mistake on the combination) It’s no secret I made a mistake, people will have noticed of course, and I don’t know why I did it. It was unexpected and inexplicable, but we will learn a lesson from it and move on. It wasn’t nerves, but sometimes athletes make mistakes they can’t explain. I’ve made a mistake like that only maybe a couple of times in my career. We are human and humans make mistakes, and there are many factors that might affect it. Maybe it was a bit of stress, or maybe because the competition came quite soon after New Year, but honestly I can’t find anything concrete to explain it. I would like to say that my partner is amazing, she skated the program perfectly today and so overall we can be happy», - told Dmitri Kozlovskii.